design style

Polished yet garden style arrangements are our jam! There is something beautiful about the two looks combined. When dreaming about events, Sally takes the entire vibe into consideration. The linens, table numbers, lighting, chairs + of course flowers all play a role in bringing your dream event to life.



Sally sustainably grows flowers to perfection in our cutting garden. There is nothing fresher than trimming a flower and placing it in our designs immediately. Taking travel out of the equation for our delicate blooms, makes all the difference. See images of our cutting garden here.


our story

Founded in April of 2013 by Sally Vander Wyst, Milwaukee Flower Co. is committed to our clients dreams by creating floral designs that showcase the spectacular, the local, and the unusual with a romantic vibe. Milwaukee Flower Company is tied to the seasons, boasting the best of local flowers without sacrificing style. In 2014 Courtney Stenberg and Sally were reunited (Courtney used to work for Sally at a previous shop she managed) and its been magic ever since!



Sally + Courtney couldn't imagine their lives without each other or flowers. Food for our souls, we have to touch flowers constantly. Inspired by gardens, mother nature provides us with all we need to be creative. Together we offer a refreshing, honest experience based off of our knowledge + passion. We truly care about our clients. See what our amazing couples have to say here.



(in no particular order) shitloads of roses / a well executed plan / sunshine / the woods / mountains / candy (all kinds) / the color yellow / romance / campfires / late nights / white and green flowers / clean sheets / first cup of coffee