Art In Bloom starts today!

Don't forget to come visit Milwaukee Flower Company at Art In Bloom taking place today, March 17th - Sunday, March 20th at the Milwaukee Art Museum! There is a special event happening Sunday, Lisa Waud from the amazing Flower House Detroit will share her thoughts on the large-scale installation that involved thirty-seven floral designers and hundreds of volunteers. There will also be a special Q&A which Milwaukee Flower Co will be apart of. The event starts at 1pm, don't miss it :) Details here

I am going to leave you with a sneak peak of our floral masterpiece and our artist statement. Make sure you stop by and see it in person along with all of the other amazing designers at Art In Bloom! 

"In homage to Henri’s delicate and sensual painting, our custom-made vessel mimics the female subject’s hips and the draping overlay. Flowing forth from the container, the flowers evoke the supple and tender qualities of this young sitter’s relaxed, yet posed, gesture. Her cheeks, drunk with blush, and her skin, smooth like ivory, our flowers show off their rich color palette and flawless petals for all to enjoy."